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Connect with other mental health professionals.

Our private, secure network is designed for mental health professionals to connect, seek advice, collaborate and share.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a larger provider network, Counselors & Therapists is a safe space for you to connect with like-minded professionals and help each other grow.

The power of referrals and professional collaboration.

When you’re busy caring for patients and clients all week, it’s easy to lose track of the need to grow your practice.

Through the Counselors & Therapists network, our members regularly share referrals and collaborate with each other on best practices for growing their business.

Curate, Subscribe & Stay Informed.

Our aggregation services make it easy to subscribe to various curated sources for mental health news, journals, blogs, and articles.

From mainstream publishers to academic journals, your news feed is a curated space to gather only the articles, information, and updates about the mental health industry that you want, and stay clear of the noise that doesn’t meet your interests.

See what we’re talking about on Counselors & Therapists and inside the community as well.

From the current state of mental health in the United States to trends in treatments and even helpful tips to grow your private practice, we’re covering it all on our blog, and in our community.

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